UK supplier of Japanese Miyuki precision Delica Beads

UK supplier of Japanese Miyuki precision Delica Beads

Miyuki Delica Beads are precision made in Japan. Unlike their less expensive Seed Bead cousins, Delica beads are small cylinder shaped as opposed to round like Seed beads. They are the bead of choice when bead weaving on or off loom, since their precise shape allows them to fit in close alignment to each other.

Our range of Miyuki Delicas is always increasing - we currently have over 2,600 lines of Delicas, from size 8/0 to 15/0 and the range is constantly growing! But if you cannot see the size, colour or pack size of Bead you need, just email us - we can often source it for you - and with weekly deliveries from our sources around the World, lead time is normally short.

A quick word on colour codes. Lots of people sell Delicas and often give colours their own name (Jet or Black being the classic example). Miyuki give every colour a 4-digit code number and this should be your reference. If the colour code is less than 4 digits (ie '10') then the proper Miyuki code would be '0010'

Make sure to make use of our really fast search - just enter the colour code you are looking for and the result will give you the same colour in all available sizes.

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